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When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is… C’mon, ladies, complete the phrase yourself! I look at the mirror. Before I realize myself in this world, before I think over the first weak idea that comes up to my sleeping mind – I look at the mirror. And so do lots of women like me. It’s our folly, it’s a necessity. After that, there starts the most terrible part…TA-DA! I start thinking: I’m fat!…or…I’m ugly!…..or….Whatever.

The number of women’s hangups is huge. No, really huge. We all have some kind of idol in mind, some average ideal woman to reach the level of whose beauty is a maniac idea of every girl. And thus we are constant observers and analyzers of other woman’s perfection and our own wart.

So, what are the most terrible and horrifying hangups ever known to the humanity? To my mind there three main of them giving birth to smaller variations.

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When it comes to drinks, our heads are full of stereotypes. Nothing is unambiguous in this life though, that’s why you shouldn’t believe in everything that they say. Thus, there are misconceptions that assure us that soda is 100% harmful while fruit juices are 100% healthy. But oftentimes the scientific facts prove these statements wrong. So, today is the day for you to re-consider the list of guilt-free drinks. Let’s skip straight to the point.

  1. Juices Are Good For Your Health

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There is a plenty of lifestyles, each of them has advantages and disadvantages. The most encouraged lifestyles are the active lifestyles, meanwhile sitting around is frowned upon. But let me tell you something: sitting around, in fact, is awesome.

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