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Music lover

The most part of people enjoys listening to music. Tastes differ and even the close people may prefer the completely different styles of music. For example a wife may enjoy rock and alternative while her husband knows and loves classic music like Bach or Mozart. Have you ever asked yourself a question why do people love music? Probably you have noticed a lot of times how music is able to influence the human mind. It is possible that each person has experienced the influence of music at least once. Today music is used to change the mood of people quite effectively.

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If someone calls you in the middle of the night, when you are sound asleep and see the sweetest dreams your first reaction will be most likely to send a calling person to…some other place, at least. However, if the calling one is your friend who got into trouble and who desperately need your support, your duty is to discard the dreams and accept the role of psychologist.

Lot’s of people, me included, can hardly find any words of consolation when something bad has happened. However, thanks to some observations I understood that it is not required much from you to perform the role of a life buoy.

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