Looking for a Prince, Horse – Not Necessarily

Prince, with a white horse or without it, wanted. I am sure every woman typed this ad in her head at least once in her life. The fact is, when you need a prince or at least some man to feel the beauty of the summer when love is practically in the air and everyone walk in couples or to feel warm during long winter evenings when everybody sit at home being obsessed with each other…whatever, the fact is that in these moments all the men in the vicinity seem to become extinct. Or, and it is even worse, the men are present, but they look more like horses than the princes themselves.

You may sit and wait beside the window romantically sighing from time to time, but you will have higher chances for success if you perform some initiative of your own. So, let’s look through the most popular places to meet a prince or at least some male creature and discuss whether these places are good for it.

First idea that comes to a girl’s mind is Internet, of course. However, dating sites are good only in case you are ready to communicate with men who want only sex or pretend to be someone else to produce good impression. I recommend to use special virtual communities and forums where you can find people with the same interests. You will have common topics and it may naturally lead to a closer acquaintance and meeting in real life.

Resorts are another place to meet someone. The atmosphere itself supports the romantic mood, the sea and sun completes the picture. One disadvantage you should be aware of is that holiday romance can end with the end of your vacation, as not all men wish to continue this love story. However, in any case you will experience a wonderful adventure.

Weddings are also traditional places for meeting someone special or just someone. People have fun, drink a lot, wears nice costumes and dance under the sounds of romantic music. Besides, the sight of young happy couple also inspires to search for a piece of happiness for yourself. What you need is an amazing dress and make-up, friendly smile and a place at the table near the unmarried friends of bride or groom. You may ask them to indulge you with this strategic position beforehand.

The meeting of schoolmates or fellow university students can also lead to some romance. You know all these people but at the same time they have changed during the past couples of decades. The atmosphere is nostalgic, you remember funny episodes of the past, silly school romances which do not seem to be so silly after a glass of martini. Sometimes a modern fairy-tale may emerge from these memories.

However, if you search for a man too desperately, your chances for the success decrease in a strange way. May be the men get scared of your hungry expression or of hunting glitter in your eyes, may be you are too obsessed with your search to just enjoy life and receive pleasure from your current single state. Start finding positive moments of your position and you will soon see a white horse on the horizon and may be, who knows, with a prince sitting on its back.

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