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The whole world can be contingently divided into two large groups – coffee drinkers and tea drinkers. Coffeemaniacs can be usually described as passionate, hot-tempered and decisive people. They live in the emergency mode and constantly invigorate themselves with coffee. On the contrary, tea drinkers are reasonable, thoughtful and observant. Tea is considered to be healing beverage and there are sound reasons for this opinion.

All sorts of teas are derived from a single plant species which is called Camellia sinensis. The difference is in the degree of ripeness of this plant during the process of treatment. In the collected leaves begins the reaction of enzymatic oxidation which is then stopped by heating or vapor treatment. The earlier it is stopped, the lighter will be tea. Puer is made in a slightly different way – after the procedure of treatment the elaves undergo artificial aging.

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When it comes to drinks, our heads are full of stereotypes. Nothing is unambiguous in this life though, that’s why you shouldn’t believe in everything that they say. Thus, there are misconceptions that assure us that soda is 100% harmful while fruit juices are 100% healthy. But oftentimes the scientific facts prove these statements wrong. So, today is the day for you to re-consider the list of guilt-free drinks. Let’s skip straight to the point.

  1. Juices Are Good For Your Health

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