5 Healthy Drinks Myths: Busted!

When it comes to drinks, our heads are full of stereotypes. Nothing is unambiguous in this life though, that’s why you shouldn’t believe in everything that they say. Thus, there are misconceptions that assure us that soda is 100% harmful while fruit juices are 100% healthy. But oftentimes the scientific facts prove these statements wrong. So, today is the day for you to re-consider the list of guilt-free drinks. Let’s skip straight to the point.

  1. Juices Are Good For Your Health

    Depends on the juice. The majority of juices that are sold in food stores contain so much sugar and artificial sweeteners that one can hardly call them “healthy”. The only way to get the best of a fruit is to squeeze the juice at home by yourself. By the way, the vitamins in fresh juices are “alive” for the first 20 minutes only, so you’d better drink them as soon as possible. This is also the reason why you shouldn’t buy ready-made fresh juices. You never know how long this bottle has been waiting for you on the rack.

  2. Beer Is Bad$2 beer that is sold in the nearby store – maybe. Natural beer made from fermented wheat – no way! It can reduce the risk of heart diseases and works as an anti-cancer if taken regularly. Besides, beer can help people with diabetes control their insulin level. Plus, a glass of beer contains as much potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iron and zinc as a glass of orange juice which is synonymous to healthy drink for breakfast.
  3. Alcohol Is Harmful

    Again, it depends on the drink and its quality. One glass of good wine can be a savior for the ladies in their 50s to cope with menopause symptoms such as hot flushes etc. because it raises the level of female hormone called estrogen.

    Vodka can be used as a part of a girl’s beauty kit. How? You can use it as a lotion to reduce redness and spots, and also add some vodka into the bottle of your shampoo to boost hair growth.

    Whiskey contains ellagic acid and can naturally struggle with cancer cells.

    All in all, liquor store can sometimes be used as a drug store. Moderation in all things is crucial of course, so watch your mouth and don’t turn into an alcoholic. I don’t want to rain on your parade but I’m sure mom told you that drinking is bad.

  4. Hot Chocolate Is Fattening And Cause Skin Problems

    Well, maybe that is true, but do you know that hot chocolate is the best antidepressant out there? Indeed, it contains carbs that increases body temperature and makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Add marshmallows and your favorite cookies and say goodbye to the depression!

  5. Soda Slakes The Thirst

In fact, Soda contains lots of sugar that only make you feel thirstier. That’s the reason why large soda in fast food restaurants costs $1-2 while tea, coffee, juices and other drinks are more expensive.

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