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Music itself is great. But when it is combined with touching story, special effects and splendid voices of actors it becomes a pure pleasure, so intense and engrossing that you feel you can touch it. Musicals provide us with this combination of songs and performance and the melodies of the best of them remain with us long after the final accords.

As I am a great fan of musicals, it is hard for me to define the best one. However, the first which comes to my head is “Chicago”, so I will start with it. This musical is starring Richard Gere, Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Though they are professional actors, they perform all songs themselves and the musical did not suffer from their singing talents at all. The true gem of this story is “Cell Block Tango” scene where female prisoners sing alternately about their crimes. Black humor and sexy murderesses with red scarves symbolizing blood make this scene unforgettable. Among other beautiful songs of this musical is “All That Jazz”, “Funny Honey” and “The Hungarian Disappearing Act”.

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