Music and Mood

Music lover

The most part of people enjoys listening to music. Tastes differ and even the close people may prefer the completely different styles of music. For example a wife may enjoy rock and alternative while her husband knows and loves classic music like Bach or Mozart. Have you ever asked yourself a question why do people love music? Probably you have noticed a lot of times how music is able to influence the human mind. It is possible that each person has experienced the influence of music at least once. Today music is used to change the mood of people quite effectively.

In the end of 50s the US sociologists have carried out an experiment in a large shopping mall. It was proven that music influences the customer’s actions. The calm and relaxing music made the customers slow down, spend more time examining the goods and finally buy more. The fast music created the opposite effect and made the customers spend less time choosing and buying the items. This trick is used by McDonald’s network during hot hours. The customers are encouraged to eat faster and leave the tables sooner.

Our musical preferences may tell us a lot about our personality. Those who like aggressive music often turn out to be extroverts. The people who enjoy listening to poop music are likely to be rather conservative ones. The individuals who are fond of experimental, sophisticated or esoteric music suppose themselves to be savvy. The ones who really enjoys all types of music are open to all the new and interesting things. If your playlist includes everything from witchouse to rap you are likely to have a lot of interests and hobbies as well. Try this test

Besides that the current mood also influences the choice of music greatly. When the people feel sad they tend to listen to melancholic tunes. The enthusiastic mood usually makes the people choose cheerful tunes. That is why some specialists suppose it is worth to listen to some calm lounge motives when feeling depressed. That will help you to relax and give your mind some rest. For example when I feel really down I listen to Bonobo and become somewhat pleasantly apathetic. Relaxing soft beats help me to restore my inner balance. In general I prefer various music types. This website providing quality MP3 search helps me to find the songs and track for my player without any problem.


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