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Coffee plays a very important role in modern society. As the rhyme of life increases people try to do hundreds of things and to be everywhere at once. The daily schedule of sleeping hours presents often a lame series of attempts to be awake when you want to sleep and to fall asleep when your head is filled with problems, plans and regrets of wasting your time on the night rest. In this mad world coffee appears to be a kind of fuel which most people use all day long to restore their energy. The whole coffee culture has developed and the coffee became a central image of it.

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When it comes to drinks, our heads are full of stereotypes. Nothing is unambiguous in this life though, that’s why you shouldn’t believe in everything that they say. Thus, there are misconceptions that assure us that soda is 100% harmful while fruit juices are 100% healthy. But oftentimes the scientific facts prove these statements wrong. So, today is the day for you to re-consider the list of guilt-free drinks. Let’s skip straight to the point.

  1. Juices Are Good For Your Health

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