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If someone calls you in the middle of the night, when you are sound asleep and see the sweetest dreams your first reaction will be most likely to send a calling person to…some other place, at least. However, if the calling one is your friend who got into trouble and who desperately need your support, your duty is to discard the dreams and accept the role of psychologist.

Lot’s of people, me included, can hardly find any words of consolation when something bad has happened. However, thanks to some observations I understood that it is not required much from you to perform the role of a life buoy.

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Break-up is one of the most difficult periods of your life, when you do not want to do anything, lose interest in life and can not imagine that there will be any future for you after the end of your relationship with somebody whom you loved. It is difficult to get over it if it was his decision to part, but it becomes even more difficult if this decision belongs to you. There are certain situations when you love a person but understand that it is impossible to be together any more, in this case you feel the whole weight of responsibility for taking such step. But, once this step is taken, one question remains – how to live after break-up and whether this miserable existence can really be called life?

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