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Prince, with a white horse or without it, wanted. I am sure every woman typed this ad in her head at least once in her life. The fact is, when you need a prince or at least some man to feel the beauty of the summer when love is practically in the air and everyone walk in couples or to feel warm during long winter evenings when everybody sit at home being obsessed with each other…whatever, the fact is that in these moments all the men in the vicinity seem to become extinct. Or, and it is even worse, the men are present, but they look more like horses than the princes themselves.

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  • Draw sketches. It’s the first and most important issue. Draw 5-6 sketches a day. You can do it anywhere – in the street, when you are at work or at home. It develops your style and accuracy of drawing. Also, it teaches you to be an observer and trains your memory.

  • Try to copy the old paintings. Surely it’s not so easy. And surely you won’t get a success at once. Be accurate and try to paint as close to the original as possible. But you should not only copy but study the story of the painter and his techniques together with the copy work.

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