The Magical Drink

The whole world can be contingently divided into two large groups – coffee drinkers and tea drinkers. Coffeemaniacs can be usually described as passionate, hot-tempered and decisive people. They live in the emergency mode and constantly invigorate themselves with coffee. On the contrary, tea drinkers are reasonable, thoughtful and observant. Tea is considered to be healing beverage and there are sound reasons for this opinion.

All sorts of teas are derived from a single plant species which is called Camellia sinensis. The difference is in the degree of ripeness of this plant during the process of treatment. In the collected leaves begins the reaction of enzymatic oxidation which is then stopped by heating or vapor treatment. The earlier it is stopped, the lighter will be tea. Puer is made in a slightly different way – after the procedure of treatment the elaves undergo artificial aging.

Different sorts of tea have different qualities. Thus, for instance, white tea is an elite beverage with discriminating taste and herbal flavor. It contains more useful components and catechins than any other sort of tea. White tea strengthens the immunity and provides antivirus protection. It is an excellent antioxidant which prevents your skin from aging, precludes the appearing of malignant tumors and improves the work of cardiovascular system. Thanks to its antiphlogistic and healing qualities this sort of tea improves the state of skin and hair and appears a compound of cosmetic products.

The particular feature of green tea is that it contains a considerable amount of caffeine and antioxidants, that’s why it is very invigorative. Besides, it improves digestion and metabolism. There is only a bit less catechins in green tea than in white tea. As green tea increases the speed of metabolism, it helps to lose weight and increases the physical and intellectual activity.

The degree of fermentation of black tea is nearly 100%. It means that the leaf’s juice has almost fully oxidized and chlorophyll disintegrated into tannins. These tannins possess antimicrobial qualities, help to eliminate nausea and stomach cramps. Black tea increases the ability of your body to resist different infections. Moreover, active polyphenols prevent the appearing of diabetes mellitus.

Yellow tea was considered to be elite for a long time and was provided only for the Emperor’s court in China. It is made from the best tea buds fully covered with villus. According to the degree of fermentation yellow tea presents an intermediate product between green and black tea, but it is closer to green tea. This sort is the source of vitamins C, P, B, K, E and carotene. Besides, this sort contains a great amount of useful microelements, like zinc, calcium, phosphor and so on, which influence practically all systems of the body. Yellow tea also helps to stabilize the level of sugar in blood and increases the strength of capillaries.

The taste of puer with years becomes only better. This tea decreases the level of cholesterol in blood, improves the work of gallbladder and cleans liver. Puer is a good addition to the heavy meals as it has ability to decompose the fats.

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