Is Milk Healthy? How to Choose Products

During all the times and epochs the question of the beautiful shape of feminine body has remained the up-to-date one. Another thing is that the standards of a woman’s beauty varied. Nowadays everybody lies the women who are in a good physical shape. But before you will torture yourself and keep to a masochistic diet stop and think for a bit.

If we have a brief look upon the history of a history of science and technology we will see that though the great progress has been done a lot of fallacies have been taking place for a long period of time. For example in the seventeenth century the substance containing mercury was supposed to treat deep wounds. For more than a hundred years the people thought that a plain fly has eight feet while it actually has six ones. The fallacies connected with food still remain existing in people’s minds. All the people have apparently the same bodies which turn out to work in a completely different ways.

The most wide-spread belief is that whole milk is good for our health. The body of a grown-up human doesn’t contain the necessary enzymes to digest the natural whole milk. More than 95 % of Chinese population doesn’t consume milk at all as the only consequences of milk consumption are stomach pain and indigestion. Japan does without wheat bread. When wheat goes to a human body it causes the slowing down of metabolism and the decrease of insulin level. That may lead to diabetes. I always wanted to have a sweet bite after eating a sandwich or a bun.

The similar effect has sweet corn. The heading cabbage slows down the functioning of the thyroid body. The people who lack iodine may do harm for their body consuming heading cabbage. The cabbage in leaves will bring much more positive effects. The black beans prevent the body from burning calories and may lead to gaining weight. The green tea which is supposed to be an extremely healthy product leads to the damage of heart tissues.

Every ti me you are tempted to pick up a diet that has changed the body of your friend or sister think twice. The products that are easily digested and soaked into other people’s body may turn out to be no so useful for your organism. In that case you will get the opposite effect. Choose the products that suit your body.

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