What’s your hangup?

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is… C’mon, ladies, complete the phrase yourself! I look at the mirror. Before I realize myself in this world, before I think over the first weak idea that comes up to my sleeping mind – I look at the mirror. And so do lots of women like me. It’s our folly, it’s a necessity. After that, there starts the most terrible part…TA-DA! I start thinking: I’m fat!…or…I’m ugly!…..or….Whatever.

The number of women’s hangups is huge. No, really huge. We all have some kind of idol in mind, some average ideal woman to reach the level of whose beauty is a maniac idea of every girl. And thus we are constant observers and analyzers of other woman’s perfection and our own wart.

So, what are the most terrible and horrifying hangups ever known to the humanity? To my mind there three main of them giving birth to smaller variations.

I’m fat! Oh, yes, surely. All of you. And you start making your body suffer from numerous diets and starvation…If we treat this misconception seriously, we should admit that 90% of women all over the world are fat. So, our environment is wrapped in fat and it’s going to become the next apocalypses scenario! To be true: the way you see yourself, girls and the way you really look like are two different things! Surely, there are women who neglect themselves, but we all know that letting a bit of sports into your life will improve everything and make you feel better;)

I’m ugly! Again, surely you are. That’s why that guy continues staring at you for 20 minutes already. Yes, that one! Oh, wait, you’re too absorbed into the thought about being ugly, you don’t see him… That’s what most of women do. My advice – take a breath, relax and look around. Your I-am-ugly hangup will be ruined in 5 minutes, I’m sure. People around perceive you right the way you treat yourself. It’s a fact!

And here comes the Golden Hangup of all times! (my favorite one, by the way) I have small breasts! It’s true that nature gives every woman her own size, but the key word is nature here. So, it’s natural to have that size of breasts you posses. It comes to your own personal body proportion! And now, imagine the world containing only women with huge breasts! It would be both boring for men and too hard for women. Individuality is much more preferable.

The grass is always greener in your neighbor’s garden and it’s better there where there are no us. What you should do with your hangups is to stop comparing yourself to other women, who in your humble opinion are more beautiful and sexy! Love yourself just as you are with your eyes and your weight and your breasts. Writing this post I asked several women about their hangups and the ones enumerated here were listed among their opinions. But I’m pretty sure there are much more strange and whim-like hangups in a woman’s mind, so…Share with me! What’s your main hangup?

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