Lazy day

There is a plenty of lifestyles, each of them has advantages and disadvantages. The most encouraged lifestyles are the active lifestyles, meanwhile sitting around is frowned upon. But let me tell you something: sitting around, in fact, is awesome.

This feeling of ‘not giving a damn’ is one of the most wonderful feelings ever. You can’t always sit around, but let’s face it: it is a really cool thing to do once in a while. Think about it: let’s say you called in sick to work or it’s your day off, what are you going to do? An average person would probably choose to do laundry, clean the apartment / house and / or cook something delicious for Saturday dinner. If you are a family person or just an organized person, then probably that’s what you are going to do.

But what if you are not going to do these things? Think about it: you don’t have to. You can walk around your apartment in your underwear – you don’t need anything clean to wear because no one can see you. I mean, your neighbors can see you through the window, but it’s their problem really. When you sleep till noon, then you get up, there is no need to make your bed, just get some milk with cookies from the kitchen, crawl back into the bed, turn on the laptop and play an online game, just chat with someone at Facebook or watch a movie. Actually you have two options here: you can wrap yourself in a blanket or sit in the kitchen with your feet and your laptop on the table. Both options are perfectly great, you can interchange them. There is the third option though – laying in a hot tub. But it implies drawing a bath (which is an activity) so you can stay clear of it. Besides, why bore yourself washing, it will just stand in the way of all the sitting around. Besides, once you are clean, you may want to get all your clothes clean and that leads us to doing laundry and this may really ruin your perfect day, so just relax. But if you feel like you can resist the urge to start cleaning after bathing, give it a shot.

Ok, you watched like 6 episodes of your favorite sitcom or a couple of awesome new movies, it’s lunchtime! Got soda? Great, it goes good with almost anything. By the way, you may want to plan your sitting around time. Yeah. Buy something to eat the day before that, so you don’t go hungry and don’t have to cook. So, take soda (or juice, whatever), go to the kitchen, and don’t forget to take your laptop. Your laptop is the main thing – it takes the most of your laying around time, so make sure it is ‘in good health’.

Falling asleep is the most pleasant thing to do. It is even more pleasant when you fall asleep watching TV or some movie on your PC, but it’s better be boring, otherwise you may have a hard time going to sleep.

There, the perfect day!

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  1. I like the sound of this! Sadly, my laptop (and the three previous ones) do not like it so much, and burned out like the workaholics they are. No problem, couch + tv works well too =D

    I don’t have much writing experience except a creative writing class in college. I’m not sure if it’s a natural talent, however, I do know that I feel much more comfortable and successful conveying my thoughts through writing than through speech. My brain hops around too much when I’m speaking so I tend to have trouble completing sentences sometimes, but with writing I can see my intention and complete my thought. And even if I do mess up, there’s always the trusted backspace button!

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