The Most Famous Attractions in the World

Today a great revolution is going on at the entertainment industry market. Many of the large companies invest significant sums of money in building the great attractions which astonish the peoples’ minds not only with their incredibly high pieces but also with the swing of their creators’ imagination. The list of the most wonderful and surprising attractions looks the following way.

To admire the beautiful city landscape of London many tourists go on a ride on London Eye. He famous observation wheel has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest in the world. Its diameter is 135 meters and the time of full rotation is 29 minutes. The London Eye never stops as its speed is so slow that the passengers enter and exit the cabins without any hustle while it’s moving. Recently the achievement of British architects and engineers was exceeded, however. The Chinese observation wheel is 25 meters higher than London Eye. In the Netherlands there is the observation wheel that takes the car owners on a ride together with their vehicles.

The ones who enjoy fast rides may like Space Mission by Disneyland company. This attraction will rush the passengers at the height of 125 meters with the speed of approximately 200 km/h. After that the row of cabins rushes back vertically. The ride is supplemented with the engine roar and the smell of exhausted gas.

The Australian attraction developers have created probably the most extraordinary museum in the world. The building of this attraction if of a great worm shape. The visitors have the opportunity to explore the worm holes crawling on all their fours. The most interesting part of the exhibition allows the visitors to see a huge model of worm body functioning from the inside. There are a lot of alive exhibit items there as well.

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