Starting a diet

It seems like you are ready to start a diet. That’s wonderful indeed. But you should definitely prepare for a diet. Remember that it would be stressful for you emotionally and physically. It takes much energy, time and effort. So keeping a diet is never easy. Think it over properly why you need it and what are the benefits of keeping a diet. You should plan your diet thoroughly. How much weight are you planning to lose? How long the diet would last? Spontaneity may ruin your plans and expectations from a diet. So your diet would be stressful but it shouldn’t be depressing. And remember that one should eat to live, not live to eat.

I strongly recommend you to consult your therapist before starting a diet. If you suffer from chronic disease you should be careful deciding to start a diet. Otherwise the diet may turn out to be harmful for your health. So it is more about your health or about your weight?

It would be definitely easier for you to lose weight combining diet and physical exercises. Every single time you want to give it up just force yourself to do exercises. Keep in mind your goals and do not give it up. Think of benefits. It is difficult now but it would be easier then. No doubts. Self pity is not okay while keeping a diet. And remember if you think you would start tomorrow not today this “tomorrow” would never happen. Persistence and willingness to achieve the goals you set are what you need right now.

Think thoroughly of your diet according to the doctor’s prescriptions. What would you eat and what would you avoid? Decide which type of a diet fits you.

For the first time it can be unbearable and really hard to keep a diet. But try to distract yourself. Do not torture yourself thinking of cookies and delicious food all the time. It would definitely worsen the situation. Diet is a serious change in your life. Go for long walks, meditate. While dieting you should quit your bad habits and give up smoking and drinking strong alcohols. And of course it would be quite difficult for you while hanging out along with your friends. You should prepare for it also. They would persuade you that a piece of cake wouldn’t hurt. Just resist their offers.

For the first several days you would like to quit. But once again think of what you can get while keeping a diet. Surf the Internet and do a research concerning health issues. Self education would help you to be resistant. You would learn about pros and cons of keeping a diet. You would understand how much calories you should it a day. And of course you should prepare yourself for the diet “after a diet”. You just can’t go to the McDonald’s next day your diet is over. It would harm your health. As they say don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork. Take care.

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