10 tips on how to become a painter

  • Draw sketches. It’s the first and most important issue. Draw 5-6 sketches a day. You can do it anywhere – in the street, when you are at work or at home. It develops your style and accuracy of drawing. Also, it teaches you to be an observer and trains your memory.

  • Try to copy the old paintings. Surely it’s not so easy. And surely you won’t get a success at once. Be accurate and try to paint as close to the original as possible. But you should not only copy but study the story of the painter and his techniques together with the copy work.

  • Draw from your memory. All painters actually draw from their memory even if they are creating a scenery picture somewhere outside. It’s the quality of the way of thinking. This issue will help you to train your memory and to remember as many details as you can.

  • Read the literature. It’s obviously logical. There is quite a number of books with a very precise scheme of right painting and they are really helpful for the beginners from the point of view of additional information.

  • Find a tutor. It’s always easier to learn from someone else, to see the example and to be tested by a person who is capable of seeing your work from aside.

  • Repeat mistakes. Don’t be afraid of making them. And never leave the work if it’s not a success from the very start. Try to look closer at your mistake and make them advantages.

  • Don’t draw pics from photos. It’s only the work of real masters first, and second – a photograph is static and will not give you so much opportunity to catch the nature flow of the object.

  • Take breaks. It is necessary for everyone. Besides, you must let your memory and imagination rest from time to time in order to always have a fresh look at the things surrounding you.

  • Be involved into creative work. Always share your ideas and express them. Never try to store everything inside – it’s very bad for the one who can become a painter. If you feel like learning how to draw – then learn.

  • Take part in the exhibitions. No matter how low the level of your painting can be, don’t be afraid to show your works to other people. They can tell you what to improve and give a lot of new ideas.

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