I have doubts about feelings of my boyfriend

I’m in a pretty awkward situation. The point is that my boyfriend J. kept in touch with his friend L. whom he liked for a long period of time. The story is quite complicated indeed. We started dating a year ago. Everything was fine and it is still okay right now. But I do worry and actually I do not know why. He has known L. for seven years. They met when they entered the college. He liked her, she liked him. But it seems like she needed more than that. I mean she is quite demanding person. She needed more than he could provide her. We told about the situation and he shared his feelings and thoughts. At the time we were discussing it he tried to persuade me they were just friends. Well, I do not believe in friendship between a man and a woman. It doesn’t work at all. He liked her but once she decided to get married a guy who was well provided for. It was terrible indeed. I mean it seems like my boyfriend felt depressed about it as he described me. Well, I could understand him. Anyway he could change nothing. They kept in touch and pretended to be just friends even though he still liked her. He had to accept the situation as it was. I do not know some details but everything was okay for her. She got married and communicated with another guy who liked her and who was faithful friend. He was ready to help her and support every single time she needed it. What could be better…for her? At the time J. suffered pretty much. He couldn’t control the situation.

A year ago everything changed in his life. He met me. We had relations. We were happy until the moment I found out she contacted him every time she needed something. She was some kind of using him. I didn’t pay much attention to it as I thought they were just friends. The point is that she divorced her husband for some reasons. Obviously that’s why she started to communicate with J. more often that it was before. Then everything revealed and I found out that they were not just friends. He had lots of her pictures as she had his. I found out some pretty unpleasant details.

When I found out everything I doubted whether J. liked me or her. And to tell the truth I still doubt even though he stop communicating with her. I’m kind of grateful to him for it but anyway it was me who forced him to do it. She was part of his life. He wanted to be with her and I’m puzzled indeed. I spent a lot of time trying to understand him, myself. It was painful.

Today everything is okay but I do not know if I did everything right. I mean who I’m to change lives and relations. I wouldn’t like him to force me to stop communicating with my friends. So it doesn’t good at all I think. I wanted them to be friends but at the same time I imagine them together I’m in a bad temper. I just can’t overcome my feelings. Yes, I’m pretty jealous. Sometimes it seems to me he misses her as a friend. Even though they had quite strange relations they had fun. What should I do?

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