Is Initiative Punishable?

I was always wondering whether it is appropriate for a girl to take the initiative in relations. On the one hand, we are taught since childhood that a girl should not call first or invite a guy to a date or (the most awful of all awful things) to be the initiator of intercourse. So, we have to wait like modest princesses in the towers till our noble knights will wake us up for love with the help of a magical phone call. But personally I find this process of waiting extremely boring and do not want to spend time in vain.

The fact is, modern men do not resemble brutal hunters which will not hesitate to catch the female prey and drag it to his cave. The feminist movement has led to redistribution of gender roles and the women now are viewed as the competent partners in relations. To call a guy first is not considered to be a horrible crime any more. Or, at least, it definitely concerns sending messages.

Of course, some of us live under the motto “In Fate We Trust” and think that there is no necessity to perform any actions if you two are meant to be together. But in my opinion the fate needs some additional help in the form of some innocent initiative of making a call and showing your interest in your destined soul mate. Besides, if he is your destiny for sure, you will not frighten him away by being a bit too active in the beginning.

In my life there was an example when I have met a man, waited for the first step from him, lost my patience and called him first. It appeared that he thought I am not interested in him and was afraid to call. There was also a case when I decided once again that initiative is what I need and wrote some guy in social network to find out that he is not interested in any continuation of our first date. The results are different, but there is one great advantage – I did not waste my time and nerves on doubts and went out of the princess tower to the real world of taking risk.

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