Music Diet

The music that may have such strong effect on the human body as weight loss will also help to reveal the creative potential by affecting the processes that are controlled by the body unconsciously.

Today the musical therapy is used as the significant constituent of the psychotherapy, spa procedures and even cancer treatment. The pleasant melodies that take you back to the most happy memories contain the carefully arranged sounds of a certain frequencies which balance the metabolic processes of the organism and are aimed to heal the human body.

The weight loss effect of this music is explained by its ability to cause the thoughts and emotions that give the patients more confidence and motivate them to cope with the overwhelming hunger. The music therapy may set some stable attitudes in the person’s psychics that will be followed by the positive somatic changes. Moreover the music draws the specific sound vibrations through the human body. These vibrations are typical of the ones that are produced by the healthy organs. So except the effect of losing weight the music has the general tonic one.

The maximum effect would be achieved if you will remain totally relaxed for more than 25 minutes. Influenced by the calm tunes our brain stops the constant playback of the negative thoughts that cause the wish to eat something tasty. The music that coincides with the rhythm of our heart soothe the nervous system and reduces tension and stress which are the basis of any eating disorder connected with consuming too much food. The most part of the classical masterpieces have this tempo. But the musical taste also matters. If Mozart and Bach bore you choose the calm light compositions from your favorite ones.

Try to remember which music was connected with the meal time in your childhood. That may give you a clue why you’re ready to eat everything you see on the table when you hear Bjork. The children are likely to form the associations immediately. And that’s why the most of the people have the “setting”: calm music means it’s time to go to bed and the fast one is a signal to eat.

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