How to make your legs longer

It’s well-known that beautiful female figure is extremely attractive to the opposite sex. I’ve asked some of my friends what part of the body excite them most of all. Some of the guys confessed it was a breast, and the rest pointed to the long beautiful legs. While we can put on a push up bra to enlarge our bosom, things are complicated with our legs.

But there are ways out. I am not talking about going into hospital, having both your legs cut open, the bones broken and metal rods inserted. Of course not.

You can make your legs grow doing some exercises. The most effective way is by riding a bike with the seat 10cm higher then comfortable or high enough to feel the stress. You may ride at least 10 minutes a day 6 times a week. Three months later you will be surprised by the results. Then, jump, jump and jump! Do all sorts of jumps: jumping jacks, rapid standing long jumps, rapid standing high jumps. Besides, it can help you to burn extra calories and stay fit.

There are many other exercises as well, but still it’s quite hard to make your legs longer this way. Still you can make them LOOK longer. Many women don’t know the secrets of long pins, that’s why they do huge mistakes in the way of dressing.

Try vertical lines on your clothes. That will succeed in elongating your legs making you look a bit taller. Suits with pinstripes or even just a waist with vertical pinstripes will make your legs appear longer. Be careful about clothing with horizontal lines – they can visually widen you, and it’s quite hard to find any part of our body that we’d rather make plumper, except the breast. The best kind of your clothes design dealing with your legs is an asymmetrical line. That will attract attention more to the form and interesting picture rather than to the length of your legs.

It’s very important to choose the right length of your pants. Don’t wear pants that don’t fit but extremely stylish. You’d rather wear flattering pants that visually elongate your legs. For example, bell-bottoms jeans are still great, especially if you wear them with a high heels.

One of the things to remember for those who have shorter legs is that it’s important not to accentuate your already shorter legs. Try not to wear skirts with a second hem, pants that are tight at the top (they will just draw attention to where your leg begins), and keep a good line of color flowing.

While being photographed, have a good posture – you may tiptoe or put your legs on the foreground.

In your daily life carry yourself with confidence and make the others sure you’re attractive. Your legs may not necessarily appear longer, but it will succeed in taking the focus away from the lack of length in your legs. Good luck, my long-legged!

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