Coffee plays a very important role in modern society. As the rhyme of life increases people try to do hundreds of things and to be everywhere at once. The daily schedule of sleeping hours presents often a lame series of attempts to be awake when you want to sleep and to fall asleep when your head is filled with problems, plans and regrets of wasting your time on the night rest. In this mad world coffee appears to be a kind of fuel which most people use all day long to restore their energy. The whole coffee culture has developed and the coffee became a central image of it.

The coffee culture has originated from London in 1650. It was there and then that the first coffee shops were opened. During the next 50 years another 2000 coffee houses were opened in this city, as these places became popular at one. They were also called “Penny Universities” as there you had an opportunity to meet poets, painters and writes of that time and the price for this wonderful experience was the one for the cup of coffee. Johann Sebastian Bach even created the “Coffee Cantata” devoted to this drink. Voltaire and Balzac were also great coffee drinkers. Beethoven can be also included to this list, his recipe for coffee was the proportion of 60 beans for one cup.

If to speak of the modern art and the place of coffee in it the book of Kristinsa Springer called “Espressologist” should be mentioned. May be it is not the masterpiece of literature, however, it provides an interesting view on the role of coffee beverages in the process of finding a date. Besides, it is an excellent reading for those who want to understand the difference between frappe, machiatto and latte.

Among the types of coffee beverages espresso is the most popular one and the strongest one as well. It is served in small cups and is supposed to be swallowed in one gulp. Espresso is the basis for all the other coffee recipes. Thus, to make cappuccino you need to ix espresso and boiled milk in equal proportions. Latte presents the same espresso with milk; the only difference with cappuccino is that there is whipped milk on top of latte, which means that this beverage has a milder taste. The other types of coffee beverages include mocha, which is made of espresso, hot chocolate and boiled milk in equal proportions, corretto – the mix of coffee with alcoholic drinks, like, for example, grappa. Macchiatto also has espresso as its main ingredient and the dash of foamed milk is added to it. Ristretto presents the type of “short” espresso, which means less water and stronger taste. The list of coffee beverages can be continued on and on and there will still be a little chance to name all types.

The coffeemania has influenced the sphere of cultural life and museums as well. One of the most famous coffee museums is Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum which is situated in London. There you can learn about the commercial and social history of this world-popular wake-up drink.

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