Life after Break-Up – Myth or Reality?

Break-up is one of the most difficult periods of your life, when you do not want to do anything, lose interest in life and can not imagine that there will be any future for you after the end of your relationship with somebody whom you loved. It is difficult to get over it if it was his decision to part, but it becomes even more difficult if this decision belongs to you. There are certain situations when you love a person but understand that it is impossible to be together any more, in this case you feel the whole weight of responsibility for taking such step. But, once this step is taken, one question remains – how to live after break-up and whether this miserable existence can really be called life?

First of all, do not think that it is necessary to struggle with your sadness. Take a pause; think of nothing and do nothing special, just some little pleasant things which can cheer you up a bit. The time will come when your depression will start to fade away and you will feel the taste of life again.

Then another stage comes – the desire to return your ex. You begin to miss him and it seems that no one will ever replace him in your heart. Be sure, a few years later you will laugh at this thought, but now it is so hard for you to resist temptation and not to call him…I know it is hard, but try to make an effort. You may also put down all the reasons of your decision to break-up with him, all negative memories and everything you hated in his behavior. Re-read this list every time you want to call him, it will help you to remember why he should not be given a second chance.

When being in relationship, you do not worry about what to do in the evening or how to spend a weekend. But as your partner for entertainments is no more present, you may feel that your life is empty. Try to remember what hobbies you have had before they were replaced by your boyfriend. Think of your old friends whom you probably did not need so much while you were obsessed with your love. If these friends are real ones they will understand you and allow you to return in their company.

Another way which as you think will help you to survive this time is eating. It is a stated fact that plenty of girls gain weight after break-up, as tasty food brings them some joy. However, before eating another delicious cake imagine what you will look like in a few weeks – a miserable girl with muffin-tops instead of a boyfriend, whose favorite dress became too small for her. I hope this picture is frightening enough to make you stop eating too much. Your relationship is over, and it means that a new one is on its way, so get ready for it, take care of your appearance and remember about your personal interests. Break-up is not that sad, after all, it is just the beginning of some new stage of your life.

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