Getting a Job

Dear Diary,

Today is the weird day. My bestie talked me into taking that job at the amusement park. I can’t say how bummed I was when she refused to take the job of a bartender; I was hoping we would work together there. You know, customers are very generous on tip when they are a little drunk. And it’s a resort city! The bar was right next to the pier and the view is amazing. But my friend looks at it differently: she says she doesn’t want to spend nights up making drinks for loud tourists who seem to never stop laughing and chatting.

So today in the morning we went to that part and took the job. Now we have got to choose shifts. There are day shifts from 11.30 a. m. to 5.30 p. m. and night shifts from 5.30 p. m. to 11.30 p. m. I have no idea what to choose, a friend of mine says it is better to go with day shifts because this way we are going to have the whole evening to ourselves. But the thing is – we are going to work outside and it is going to be very hot at daytime, besides we are not going to be allowed to sit down, some games are placed in the middle of the park which means they are almost always in the sun. And I think it would be nice to work night shifts because then we can go to the beach at daytime when it’s sunny.

I loved the ocean by the way! I really want to go to the beach every single day, it would be just great, the sound of the ocean waves is just so compelling. The water is insanely cold and they say it is not going to get warmer, not until the end of July. Maybe not even then.

We took this job as she wanted so maybe she will agree to work night shifts. The boss said we don’t have to work in the same games every day. In the beginning of a shift he asks all the employees in turn where they want to work. There are about 20 games; I hope it is going to be fun. If I worked in the same game every day I would go crazy.

The boss seemed very nice by the way. We got to talk to some of the employees, and I really think there is a good chance to get a lot of friends here.

After we went to the park, we walked around a little. I love these tiny gift shops all over the city, there are all kinds of stuff, things I didn’t even knew exist. Here are a lot of nice little houses and green loans; we don’t have such places in my home town. We also found a green park with a secluded lake, fountains and boats, it looked like heaven, and we even took a couple of pictures there.

I think I start to like it here.

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